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Prickly Poppy: Chicalote or Argemone Mexicana
Common:Prickly Poppy
 Prickly Poppy is typically regarded as a sedative but the seeds are toxic and should be avoided for any purpose other than growing.
It is well documented that this was an extraordinarily important plant for the Aztecs.  Prickly Poppy was “nourishment of the dead” as it would be offered to the gods during sacrifices. Outside of that, reports of Prickly Poppy are interspersed throughout history, but it became cemented in culture and infamy when Chinese residents in Mexico manufactured a product from the latex produced by this plant.

If the seeds are what interest you This plant not only produces a large number of seeds but they are easy to sprout as well.  The seeds look very similar to culinary poppy seeds that most are familiar with, but they are about twice the size.  Simply scatter these on a flowerbed during the spring, and you will have a fast-growing garden that sprouts in a week or two at most.

The soil doesn’t have to be anything in particular, although Prickly Poppy does seem to prefer lighter, sandier soil.  And the climate; this plants easily adapts to various climates as well.  The plant almost grows like a weed, and although it likes warmer climates, it thrives throughout the growing months in places that see snow cover as well, growing the next season on its own from the miniscule seeds it drops at the end of the summer. 

This products is sold for ornamental, decorative, landscaping or for identification only. This product is a poisonous non-consumable. Not for human consumption. If I think you are going to do anything harmful to your self or conduct any illegal act with this product or any other on this site I can not sell to you. 
Please be responsible and respect your local laws. Protect your rights to own a piece of history by not abusing your rights.


Dried Herbs:
Prickly Poppy Leaves and Flowers

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