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Nicotiana Rustica: Indian Tobacco
Common:Nicotiana Rustica, Indian Tobacco, Tobacco, Mapacho

Mapacho Nicoti..

Nicotiana rustica, Known in South America as Mapacho, is a plant in the Solanaceae family. It is a very potent variety of tobacco. The high concentration of nicotine in its leaves makes it useful for creating organic pesticides.

Rustica was used for entheogenic purposes by South American shamans and as a smudging incense.
Growing in the rainforest it contains up to twenty times more nicotine than common North American varieties such as N. tabacum.
After extraction and testing we have found this figure inaccurate in some cases only showing 1.5 to 3 times more nicotine than common tobacco.
Other reasons for its shamanic use are the comparatively high levels of MAOI beta-carbolines, including harman and norharman. It is also smoked in cigars and used as an enema and as an anthelmintic effective against tapeworm infections.

Although we strive to obtain the highest quality, remember that this tobacco bundle is harvested by the indigenous people of the country where it originates. The same standards for health and quality applied in the USA may not be applied in those countries. Due to the varying degrees of humidity during transit and storage, you should inspect your bundles for mold and foreign debris that it may have picked up during packing, storage or even transit to your location.

This products is sold for ornamental, decorative, landscaping or for identification only. This product is a poisonous non-consumable. Not for human consumption. If I think you are going to do anything harmful to yourself or conduct any illegal act with this product or any other on this site I can not sell to you.
Please be responsible and respect your local laws. Protect your rights to own a piece of history by not abusing your rights.


Dried Herbs:
Indian Tobacco; Nicotiana rustica Bundles

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