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Stipa robusta: Sleepy Grass Seeds
Species:robusta (vaseyi)
Common:Sleep Grass Seeds

Stipa robusta or commonly called Sleep Grass seed is a perennial. These seeds have been freshly harvested by removing the tops of the stalks. Some of the seeds have been separated from the tops but most have not. If you prefer the seeds alone, (removed from the stalks) we have those avaiable below. If you do not mind the small stalk tops then we have those as well at a reduced price. Also available below. Each stalk top holds 40-60 seeds. Depending on the size of the stalk. Most of the time I send a bit of seeds with each stalk top order. The seeds below, in picture 2 weigh 5 grams. The stalks just above the seeds weigh 5 grams also. As you can see the stalks are not that heavy. You get mostly seeds and very little weight in the stalk top itself.
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