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Authentic Tara Tibetan Prayer Incense: String Wrapped
Genus:tara tibetan prayer incense
Species:tara tibetan prayer incense
Family:tara tibetan prayer incense
Common:tara tibetan prayer incense

Tara Tibetan P..
This Original Tara Tibetan Prayer Incense is a traditional ceremonial Tibetan incense used for prayers and made with a blend of pure and natural herbs, using a centuries-old formula. This incense is all natural and contains no preservatives or artificial oils. This Original Tara Tibetan Prayer Incense sticks can also be used as a general meditation incense, since they are not overly fragrant, and they purify the atmosphere around you. This Tibetan incense is made by Tibetan refugees living in India, so your purchase helps us support the preservation of Tibetan culture.
There are about 35, 12 inch sticks in each boxed wrapped bundle.

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