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Morning Glory seeds: Heavenly Blues / Ipomoea violacea
Common:Morning Glory, Heavenly Blue Morning Glory, Tlilitzin, Aztec Nahuatl, Coaxihuitl
IDENTIFICATION : Morning Glories all belong to the species Ipomoea violacea (also called Ipomoea tricolor or Ipomoea rubro-caerulea). Within this species, the 4 varieties known "Heavenly Blue", "Pearly Gates", "Flying Saucers", and "Blue Star".

Although our seed are not chemically treated I must specify that we do not sell these seeds for human consumption. The seeds are considered a poisonous non-consumable and they will make you sick. The cause of the sickness is a naturally occuring chemcial in the plant to protect the plant for ingestion. Follow the rules of nature and let these seeds be planted and grown.

Morning Glories are an annual vine with ovate, deeply cordate leaves 3-4 inches long and 3/4-3 inches wide. The trumpet-shaped flowers vary from white to red, purple, blue, or violet-blue. The ovoid fruit is about 1/2 inch in length and bears elongate, angular black seeds. 

Your order will not be processed until the following request is received!  We apologize for this inconvenience.
This item requires a "Declaration of Intended Use Statement" before we can process the order.
The fastest way to give this declaration is to place your intended use for this product in the comments section offered when checking out.
The other option is to send an email after placing your order. State your intended use for this product in the email.

When emailing your Declaration of Intended Use Statement, please Include your ORDER NUMBER and the word DECLARATION in the subject. 

These seeds are viable for planting. They can be grown and are thus only sold for that purpose.
This products is sold for ornamental, decorative, landscaping or for identification only. This product is a poisonous non-consumable. Not for human consumption. If I think you are going to do anything harmful to yourself or conduct any illegal act with this product or any other on this site I cannot sell to you. 
Please be responsible and respect your local laws. Protect your rights to own a piece of history by not abusing
your rights. 


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