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Blue Lotus Flowers: Lily of the Nile
These are beautiful very pungent aromatic flowers
Common:Blue Lily Flower, Blue Lotus, Egyptian Lotus, Blue Water Lily, Sacred Narcotic Lily of the Nile

whole blue lot..
Dried Herbs
The "lotus" depicted in the tomb paintings of ancient Egypt and found scattered upon the corpse of Tutankhamen when the tomb was opened in 1922 is also known as the 'Lily of the Nile', and it is not a true lotus, but a blue water lily Nymphaea caerulea. It is rumored to contain apomorphine a drug that is said to have divinatory properties. It is this flower which lent its name to Alfred, Lord Tennyson's (fl. 1850) poem, Song of the Lotos-eaters in which it symbolizes that which urges us to seek new experiences. The poem refers to an episode in The Odyssey of Homer. The common water lily (Nymphaeae) of North America, usually white in color and bearing a distinctive scent, resembles the larger lotus but belongs to a different species. Its split disc leaves or pads tend to lie on the surface of calm ponds and lakes. Soaking the flowers in wine is the common traditional method of ingestion.
Dried Herbs:

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