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Egyptian African Combo Smoke Blend: Wild Dagga Blue Lotus and Damiana Smoke Blend
This is the first of a new line of Smoke Blends
Genus:Smoke Blend
Species:Smoke Blend
Family:Smoke Blend
Common:Egytian African Smoke Blend Combo made from Wild Dagga Flower Petals, Blue Lotus Flowers and Damiana

Egyptian Afric..

I have mixed, in a specific amount, 3 of the most popular herbs to make a truly wonderful smoke blend. Subtle lift with a smile on your face is what you will experience when you burn this smoke blend from Ethnobotanysource.

There are two versions to choose from.
1. A regular Smoke made from the natural state the flowers and leaves are in.
2. A enhanced state making it 5 times stronger using a special kind of Damiana extract to bring about a more pronounced effect. All natural with no additives except what is presented here. This is not a K2 variation. This is a mix of herbs with nothing added at all.

These are shifts in movements in body and mind meant to relax and meditate with.  A pleasant mixture of smoke that is not hard to swallow as some blends can be. A nicotine free smoke blend in an all natural state.

new important info
Smoke Blends:
Egyptian African Smoke Blend - All Natural

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