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Table Top Tamisium Extractor
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Banisteriopsis caapi vine
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Kratom Leaves Red Vein Variety
Motherwort Foilage
Nicotiana Glauca
Nicotiana Rustica
Prickly Poppy
Quebracho Bark
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Wild Dagga Flowers
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Authentic Tara Tibetan Prayer Incense
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Please use the following price list as an example for ordering only lawful extractions.

What defines an extraction to be lawful?
If the Extracted components are not scheduled or controlled in any way in the state or country you and I reside in. A further explanation would require knowing if the plant is to be used for human consumption. We sell extraction services. We don’t sell extractions or enhancements for human consumption. You will have to become familiar with the requirements and procedures to sell your extracts. We bulk Bag your Extraction order for you to pack and sell individually. We do not synthesize chemicals or participate in research chemicals. We only extract from lawful plant materials such as Lavender, Frankincense, Rosemary, Sage, Lemon Rinds etc.
Extracting essential oils for aroma therapy is exciting and holds a promising future for our lab.


This chart covers the cost of labor only. The Price of the large scope of plant material available for extraction from the various suppliers varies greatly.
 We can extract essential oils from various plants as well as the chemicals that do not reside in the oil, as long as it can be done lawfully.
Inquire if you are unsure or have any questions.
In some cases, we can provide the plant material and in some cases you will have to provide the material for us to perform extraction services on. In the case when we provide the plant material, we can work out a GREAT QUOTE for you and quote exactly what will be charged for exactly what you want to order.
We can make much smaller amounts than what appears on the chart.
I cannot make a chart for every known strength and amount, please email if you don’t find what you need.

Strength 5x 10x 20x 40x
Labor for 1 Kilo of Extract $900 $1800 $3600 $7200
Requires this much plant material 5 kilos of plant material 10 kilos of plant material 20 kilos of plant material  40 kilos of plant material 

Standard cost to extract from one column of an approved botanical is $450 This includes Labor, Packing/Shipping to your door. Express is extra and Global shipping is extra. The cost of the Plant Material is extra if not provided by the customer.

A column is the apparatus we use to extract with. The volume of the column is what determines what amount of plant material we can extract from per use of the column. A column holds 2500 grams of dried ground up plant material and therefore will produce only what 2500 grams can produce per use of the column. We can extract from 2500 grams per column per day. In regards to Enhancements. If you order one column you can get: 62.5 grams of 40x, or 125 grams of 20x, or 250 grams of 10x, or 500 grams of 5x, and so on. We offer discounts for bulk ordering reflected in the charts. How much extract can I get from a column? To figure out how many grams of a particular strength you can get from one column extracted, divide the strength you want into the amount of leaves our columns will hold in grams. For example, if you want 30x only, you will divide 2500 by 30 which will yield 83 grams of 30x. I compensate for loss by adding in more leaves. Can I get more than one strength from a column? We can make about two strengths from one column. They can be the same quantity or varying quantities, If you want an equal amount of a combination of strengths from one column, you can figure that as well. If you want 10x and 20x, you must first add the numbers 10 and 20 together, then divide that number into 2500 which will give you the equal amounts of 10x and 20x you can get from 2500 grams of material. You can get 83 grams of 20x and 83 grams of 10x from one 2500 gram extraction of plant material. Or if you want 30x made instead, you can get 83 grams of only 30x. If you order from the charts, I will make what you order on the chart but if you want an odd number of grams or a odd strength of extract, I will have to charge per column to make it because we cannot set up partial columns.  Email for availability and questions Email for material cost and availability if you will not provide the material. You can see a base cost for some of the materials we can provide here on the wholesale page. We do not extract from just any plant material. All Extractions are performed lawfully period. We are required to share our lab data with authorities on request.

Processing time varies for custom extractions. Usually it takes 2-4 days to process one column from the above price chart. At times we have stock on hand but normally orders are made fresh upon request and not stocked. We accept all forms of CREDIT CARD payments AND money orders. You can purchase online with credit cards by adding your desired products to the cart and checking out via our 128 bit encrypted secure server. Or phone if your order at 817-726-7525 or 817-506-0007 Or you can mail in your order and pay with check money order or credit card. We prefer to use the usps money orders or checks for business transactions but any money order is acceptable or cashiers check is acceptable. Checks are accepted but can take up to 5 business days to clear.



Make checks and money orders payable to (Ethnobotanicals and Extractions)

Send payment to:
TamiE Inc
740 El Dorado Way
Monument CO 80132

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